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Back in Grinnell. Spring break in Tulsa was predictably uneventful and moderately pleasant... I spent most of it cooking, or eating, or going to thrift stores, or eating more (in unrelated news, my first aerobics class back in Grinnell was suspiciously difficult!).

Grinnell is cold and muddy. The snow has all finally melted, although a few flakes fell this morning. I'm finding it difficult to re-adjust to the concept of academic obligations. I love being at school for all the social stuff, but I'm really fed up with all my classes at this point in the semester. I'm so uninterested in the 30 pages of research papers I have to write soon! But maybe I will discover something hidden and amazing in the course of exploring the library tomorrow.

This coming weekend is Disco--it's an annual all-school costume/dance party. Guess what the theme is? I have a green paisley acetate shirt dress to wear along with the silver spiky/bejeweled heels that I wore to Dutchmen Weekend my senior year. (Also, looking back on it, 'Dutchmen Weekend' is the weirdest name ever for Prom)

I'm looking forward to summer with a mixture of dread and optimism. I'll likely be in Tulsa--I have a lead on a part-time unpaid internship, and a part-time job, so they may combine together to become full-time work (IF I get either one!). Also, Jessa & I are determined explore Tulsa and find everything interesting that happens. Anyone else going to be around this summer?

Okay, now back to work on the creative writing contest entries that are due TOMORROW!
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