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It's a grey and cloudy day... it looks like twilight outside, even though it's only 2 p.m. It's raining (can't wait to walk from the library to Noyce for class in ten minutes!) and just generally gross outside. I usually like this kind of weather and find it peaceful, contemplative, etc, but at the moment I just want it to be WARM.

Last Night: Bon Iver played in Bob's, the campus coffeehouse. We staked out a table right in front and were about five feet from the musicians. The drummer was hilarious; he made violent faces. On the downside, I forgot to bring my camera but, on the bright side, I got to hang out until midnight doing something non-academic on a Wednesday!

Today: In the library, researching Pre-Raphaelite art, suicide, and Victorian beauty standards for a final paper. All of this is actually quite fascinating... maybe I should try throwing myself into my academic work for the next few weeks? Actually, I would probably happier for it, and my GPA would be higher come June.

Tomorrow: My new non-fiction writing short course starts, with Stephen Kuusisto, who teaches at the University of Iowa writer's workshop. He also wrote a memoir called "Planet of the Blind," which is about his experience being blind since birth. It should be a really interesting class.

Tomorrow Night: Things I should probably attend: The Grinnell choir concert, the Dan Deacon concert. Things I will definitely attend: the fancy-shmancy girls-only wine and cheese party that Allison and I are going shopping for tomorrow morning.

Okay, I guess I have to go to class now!
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On April 4th, 2008 02:25 am (UTC), law_of_sines commented:
Dan Deacon, so very very Baltimore.
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On April 4th, 2008 03:36 pm (UTC), flamehail commented:
Not to be strangely stalkery, but what is Allison's last name? I know an Allison who goes to Grinnell...I think her last name is Link? I can't remember though!

I know a lot of people who go to Grinnell, actually. It's weird you ended up there, too. ^_^

Hope the weather and your spirits improve!
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