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I've been home for a brief twenty-four hours, and now I'm off to Texas with my family for a few days. This spring break feels a little strange, but everything in my life has felt a little strange ever since going abroad. Not because I was transformed by spending four months in Europe, but because something shifted in my outlook and now I worry more about things. BUT. It is warm and lovely and I don't have to do school for two weeks! So that's good.

Things to think about:
improving my academic life for the last six weeks so I don't get Bs in my classes!
making new friends
making and thinking up good things to sell at the student craft fair
figuring out how to spend my summer
not wasting my time idling

Things to be happy about:
Lovely soul-mate type friends at home
So many nice and positive new friends at school
Two whole weeks to read what I want to read
hedonistic and guilt-free love for food

Okay, let's go!
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